Minutes of meeting 18 Jan 2002

Meeting opened 1.05pm

Present: Raphael Goldberg, Peter Howarth, Daniel Justice, Michelle Osmond, Zhu Tan, Aleksandar Trifunovic, Nicholas Dingle

Discussion with Nick Dingle about Medusa

Further discussion - what we've done since the last meeting

Discussion with William Knottenbelt

Key functionality and possible extensions for the projects are described below.

To decide in the next week or 2:

Weekly meetings with wjk: 12:30 on Fridays

Further discussion

Very likely to use JDOM for main internal data representation. Could be wrapped in a custom class with useful access functions that we determine could be useful to modules (eg a function to return a particular matrix of the net). If we pass this class to modules, they will have access to both the 'convenience' functions and the entire JDOM, allowing them to extract anything they like, including future elements that may be defined in PNML later. They can also modify the net if necessary (eg putting it into a particular marking) - may or may not be a good thing.

Need to determine interface for modules. People will look at modules and see what they require, how to do them (broadly) and what they'll return (what sort of results, and how they could be presented to the user).

We'd like a clearer view of how JDOM actually works. Also if it will work on the college machines ok.

We haven't investigated the simulation aspect properly yet.

Need to think about possible features/layouts of the GUI. Inspiration from the concurrency program? (tabs, one pane has the code and another has the graph) Would be nice to be able to view the PNML from within the program - most users will not want to deal with it (the editor is meant to make it unnecessary), but it would be nice to provide the option. Subnets: opening a new window to edit a subnet seems necessary. The subnet may be within the same pnml file as the main net, or it may be in an external file or even on the internet (the pnml allows for this: theoretically, this means there could be a library of publically available subnets on websites which could be accessed and used).

To investigate:

Next meeting:Monday (21st), 1pm in the common room.

Meeting closed 3.30pm