Minutes of meeting 28 Jan 2002

Meeting opened 12.45pm

Present: Peter Howarth, Daniel Justice, Michelle Osmond, Zhu Tan, Aleksandar Trifunovic
Apologies: Raphael Goldberg

What we've done since the last meeting


Module interface: the few functions required by reflection, and an object which may contain various information like sequences of transitions, to allow the module to communicate back to the program (eg display path to deadlock). Module knows where object is, object knows where the appropriate Animator is. Useful for state space module, probably not the invariance analysis one.

Assignment of tasks: Alex and Raphael continue with their modules, the rest share the editor/animator/overall program/extensibility.

To do:

Meeting closed 1:20pm

Next meeting: Wednesday (30th), 1:15pm in 343 - sort out Report I (due Thursday)