Minutes of meeting 15 Feb 2002

Meeting opened 12:30 pm

Present: Daniel Justice, Michelle Osmond, Aleksandar Trifunovic, Raphael Goldberg, Zhu Tan, Peter Howarth, William Knottenbelt


Progress continues.

Alex - invariant analysis working & demonstrated.

Raphael - state space working - improve memory use?

Michelle - dynamic label creation, animation basis done.

Daniel - adding places etc working. Continued with GUI.

Tan - module interface working, but needs modifying/extending.

Meeting (with wjk) closed 1:10pm

Further Discussion

Alex, Raphael and Tan will work together on module interface, and connecting in the modules. (Alex & Raphael will also continue with their modules.)

Michelle will continue with the display (priority - arcs and animation), and extensibility.

Daniel will start on copy, paste, maybe undo functions.

Peter will continue with designing/implementing the subnet system.

Meeting closed 1.25pm

Next meeting: Friday (22nd Feb), 12pm then 12:30pm with Will