Minutes of meeting 22 Feb 2002

Meeting opened 12:30 pm

Present: Daniel Justice, Michelle Osmond, Aleksandar Trifunovic, Raphael Goldberg, Zhu Tan, Peter Howarth, William Knottenbelt


Progress continues.

Module loading is ok for Rafi's but not Alex's (multiple classes something to do with it?), though they're not reading data from the JDOM Document. Flattening module done.

Require a module bridge class which provides functions to the modules so they don't need to know about the internal program structure:

Flattening module should be integrated into the program. The program should automatically flatten the net for the module if necessary - write a function as part of the module interface which returns a boolean to say whether the module can deal with subnets or not.

Better arcs and basics of animation are working. Animation interface needs creating.

Meeting closed 1:30pm

Next meeting: Friday (1st Mar), 12pm then 12:30pm with Will