Minutes of meeting 8 Mar 2002

Meeting opened 12:30 pm

Present: Daniel Justice, Michelle Osmond, Raphael Goldberg, Zhu Tan, Peter Howarth, William Knottenbelt
Apologies: Aleksandar Trifunovic


Progress continues.

Meeting closed 1:00pm

Meeting opened 1:00 pm

Present: Daniel Justice, Michelle Osmond, Aleksandar Trifunovic, Raphael Goldberg, Zhu Tan
Apologies: Peter Howarth

To Do

Try to get code finished by (say) Wednesday.
People write up sections they've been working on - expand from Report 2. (not all bullet points!)
Reuse Petri net intro from Report 1, and summary of program (all together) from Report 2. Then go into details.
Need at least 3 specifically user-oriented sections:
* how to use the program
* how to write a module for the program
* how to extend the program

Meeting closed 1:30 pm

Next meeting: Friday (15th Mar), 12pm then 12:30pm with Will